What we offer at Aquability

Swimming is an excellent way to incorporate some low-impact exercise into your daily routine.

  • We promise a private swimming environment with sole use of the pool so members can feel safer than at public swimming session

  • We’re a friendly group and we look out for each other

  • We don’t make you swim in a lane – swim lengths or widths, whichever suits your needs best

  • You don't even need to swim - some of our members use the pool for walking and stretching exercises


Benefits of swimming and water-based activities

  • The pool at Stokewood Road is 25 yards long, allowing our more active members a good workout


  • Poolside hoist and accessible changing facilities available

  • We have Public Liabiity insurance cover

  • Possible to exercise longer in water than on land, without the need for increased effort or increased pain

  • Body weight is supported

  • Pain and stress on joints are reduced

  • Increased range of movement

  • Weight of the water can reduce balance and gait issues easier than on land

  • Feeling stronger and more able in the pool than on land, making people feel less disabled

  • People with arthritis may find swimming improves the use of their affected joints without worsening symptoms

" I look forward to meeting lovely people and having the pool to ourselves".