About our club

Brenda Fazakarley

Deborah Trickett


Brenda has been involved with the Club for over 40 years.  During that time, she has served in many roles, including spells as treasurer and secretary. 

Brenda's commitment and enthusiasm are immense and her knowledge of the Club's history is unparalleled.  These qualities, together with her love of meeting people, make Brenda an ideal Chair for our Club.

Our committee

We have a committee which meets several times a year and is responsible for the organisation and administration of the Club

Deborah has been with the Club for about six years.  She is a full-time carer to her sister, who is also one of our members. 

Deborah's background in governance and legal matters is useful, given the myriad of regulations that apply to charities.  As she

also loves numbers, Deborah was happy to agree to be our treasurer. 

5pm - 6.30pm

Stokewood Leisure Centre

Our volunteers

The success of our Club is due in no small part to the contribution and commitment of our volunteers, who help us week in, week out, both in the pool and poolside. 

Our members

Our members over the years have come from many different backgrounds and have a wide range of abilities and difficulties.  They enrich our lives and brighten our swimming sessions with their enthusiasm and positivity..

Our supporters

We are very fortunate to have been blessed with some very generous and loyal supporters over the years.  Their support has been, and continues to be, very welcome and much appreciated.  .